Norwegian Book Safe travel protection Plan

Norwegian Book Safe travel protection Plan


Norwegian Cruise Line 強烈建議每位客人購買旅行保護,包括旅行取消保險。有關此保險的完整說明,請 Click:





The Norwegian Cruise Line BookSafe Travel Protection Plan is available starting at $31 per person, depending on the cruise fare paid. Reference the chart below for details.

What is the cost?

Travel Protection Rates In U.S. Dollars

Cruise Fare Range   Standard Protection – per person Platinum Protection – per person
$0  – $250             $31         $91
$251 – $500             $62         $122
$501 – $1000             $99         $159
$1,001 – $ 1,250             $115         $175
$1,251 – $1,500             $135         $195
$1,501 – $1,750             $159         $219
$1,751 – $2,000             $179         $239


我什麼時候買 bookSafe 保險? 
BookSafe 保險可以在付了遊輪訂金以後買。 買的時候就需付保費。一般説來我會建議在付尾款的時候一起付。


如果有事不能成行,而那不能成行的理由是在保險涵蓋的範圍之內,你可以得到退款。如果不能成行的理由不在涵蓋的範圍之內而且你的退款要求被拒絕,那麼Norwegian Cruise Line 將會給你 future cruise credit certificate 給你在下一次訂位時使用。 就是那麼簡單。


Norwegian Cruise Line 會給你75%的 future cruise credit。如果你買的是 BookSafe Platinum Protection 的話你將可以拿回90%的 future cruise credit。

Important note: Cruise credits cannot be applied to government taxes and fees, port expenses, air add-ons, land packages, travel protection, Shore Excursions, gratuities, incidentals, or any purchases of a personal nature. They are non-transferrable and may not be combined with other cruise credit certificates or fare reduction coupons.



Travel Insurance Benefits – underwritten by Nationwide®

(The below are covered reasons – 以下是保險涵蓋的範圍。)

Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption:  Reimbursement if you need to cancel your trip for a covered reason.  Cash refund up to total trip cost.

Trip Delay:  Reimbursement for catch-up expenses like meals and hotel if you are delayed getting to or from your trip.  Up to $500

Accident Medical/Sickness Medical:  Reimbursement if you get sick or injured on your trip.  Up to $10,000 each

Emergency Evacuation:  Coverage if you need emergency medical transportation.  Up to $25,000

Repatriation:  Coverage provides for shipment of remains in the event of death during the trip.  Up to $5,000

Baggage Loss:  Reimbursement if your things are lost, stolen or damaged.  Up to $1,500

Bag Delay:  Reimbursement if bags are delayed 24+ hours and you need to purchase necessary items.  Up to $750


Worldwide Emergency Assistance – provided by On Call International

24/7 CareFree Travel Assistance, Medical Assistance, Emergency Services

How to reach On Call International:
Within the U.S. and Canada: 1.800.618.0692
Outside the U.S. and Canada, call collect: 1.603.328.1711


溫馨提示:  如果買了保險之後遇到任何保險涵蓋的理由,比方説行李失落或是遇到意外,要記得保留證據、文件、像片等可作為 file claim 的資料。

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